How To Get To Us From San Jose

From San Jose there are two ways to get to Bahía Pez Vela Resort.

We can arrange your flight from San Jose to Liberia for you.
It will take you about 45 minutes to fly from San Jose to the Liberia International airport. From there, it is a 20 minute drive to Bahía Pez Vela Resort. We do not have transportation at the resort, so we strongly recommend car rental to all of our guests for them to explore and experience Costa Rica comfortably.

We can arrange for your car rental agency to pick you up from the airport and have your rental car ready shortly after you arrive.

From San José airport, take the Pan American Highway west to Liberia (this is the same direction as Puntarenas). Liberia is 200 kilometers from San Jose and will take you about 3 1/2 or 4 hours by car. Once in Liberia, turn left at the only traffic light onto Highway 151. There is a gas station and a Burger King on the left at this intersection.

Take Highway 151 west towards Playa del Coco. 30 kilometers out of Liberia, you will see signs for Playa del Coco; turn right at this intersection. There is a Shell gas station on the left – there is no traffic light at this intersection, so be sure to look for the Shell station.

Follow the road to Playa del Coco for about 10-15 minutes. As you enter the town of Coco, the road divides. One block after the division ends, you will see “Rich Coast Dive Shop” on your left. Take the first left after the dive shop. Follow the signs to “Bahía Pez Vela”. The gate to the property will be on the left-hand side of the road. Tell the guard that you are a guest at Bahía Pez Vela and he will let you pass. Keep following the signs to Bahía Pez Vela until you enter the property going down a hill.

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